Solar Powered Lighting

A Guide to Solar Lights

Recent advances in solar powered lighting technology have improved illumination quality while reducing purchase costs.

Installing solar powered lighting is easier than installing mains powered lighting. Solar lights are more flexible to install because they don’t require a mains supply.

Solar technology has advanced recently, giving better illumination and improved reliability.

The use of LED bulbs in solar units has improved the quality of the light emitted considerably. To perform efficiently, solar light used to need hours of direct sunlight. Energy collection technology has improved greatly recently. The speed of technology development is expected to continue to accelerate in the years to come.

The available designs and styles of outdoor solar lighting are varied. Wall mounted lantern style lighting. Lanterns for post or hanging mounts. Varied fairy light designs. Recessed design deck lighting. Solar security spot lighting with motion sensors.

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Many solar lights have the energy panel built into the top of the light. Others have a wired solar panel that can then be positioned in the best location to attract the maximum amount of light. Each design has its own pros and cons and suits different applications.

Lights with solar panels built into them tend to be smaller because of the space limitations, which can sometimes cause issues because they then require more light for longer in order to function well.

External panels however are usually larger, but because they include wires are more laborious to install. Solar light performance can often be dramatically improved by replacing the factory fitted rechargeable batteries that come with your light units.

The batteries that are factory fitted are bought on price, rather than performance which is what you want.

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Get the best Performance from your Lights

Solar lights are hugely affected by their location. Direct sunlight is the best energy source for your solar lights, so try to position them so they receive maximum sun. If your lights spend too much time in the shade then their performance will be reduced.

Solar lights will charge on dull days, and even in the rain, but additional shade, such as a tree will limit the lights charging time.

Advances in renewable technologies such as solar power are set to further improve lighting performance. Each year sales of solar light products is continuing to climb.

Free solar energy saves money, our natural resources and so is good for the planet, as well as reducing energy bills.

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