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Tattoo Parlour Advice

Clean Tattoo Equipment, The Key To A Safe Studio

Much like surgery, tattooing involves breaking through the barrier of the skin, a barrier which is in place to protect the individual against infection. If done wrongly, it can be dangerous with the risk of disease.

In order to ensure this does not happen, the tattoo studio should be kept immaculately clean and all tattoo equipment should be Continue reading Tattoo Parlour Advice

How Does The Paleo Diet Work?

What is the Paleo Diet

The Hunter-Gatherer diet is also known as the Paleo or Paleolithic Diet. Modern Agriculture changed our diet because it became necessary to mass grow cheap food in order to feed the growing population.

The foods that we consider to be normal today, including wheat, oats, barley, dairy, legumes, soya and maize are all relatively modern foods, developed more because they can be grown cheaply Continue reading How Does The Paleo Diet Work?

E Cigarettes And The Future

Future Regulation of E-Cigarettes

Everyone knows the health risks associated with smoking and the increased risk of getting cancer. Smokers have a much higher chance of dying from cancer than non-smokers. The tobacco industry has considerable political influence throughout the world.

Smoking and the Law

We are all led to believe that our Government have our best interests at heart and yet they still raise Continue reading E Cigarettes And The Future